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Carmel Valley Recreation & Park District Reimbursement Policy

To explain District policy on travel expenditures

This Policy applies to all personnel and any person being sponsored by the District.

Carmel Valley Recreation & Park District recognizes the necessity for its board members and contractors to travel to conduct business, training, or attend meetings. This document is intended to clarify what is the District's responsibility and to provide guidelines to its contractors and board members.

  1. The Board shall pre-approve any traveling or expense related to traveling whenever possible.
  2. The request should be made in writing, dated and signed by the parties making such a request.
  3. Under normal conditions, those expenses should be budgeted in a program.
  4. For non-budgeted travel the Board President or his/her designee shall have the authority to approve or deny any request made.
  5. A request should include cost of transportation, hotel, meals, vehicle rental, parking, and incidentals.
  6. If the person wants to travel by his/her personal vehicle they must receive pre-approval by the Board.
  7. On meetings that start before 9 am the District will allow the person traveling to stay the night before if the distance is greater than 200 miles.
  8. If the reason for travel ends prior to 6 pm and the travel distance is less than 500 miles it is expected that the person traveling will return on that day. 
  9. Reimbursement for traveling by personal vehicle will be at the standard IRS mileage rate.
  10. Per Diem - $46.00 per day for meals for one-day travel or more. For less then one day travel, meal expense compensation shall be $8.00 for breakfast $12.00 lunch, $ 20.00 for dinner and $6.00 incidentals. This per diem shall not include the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  11. Payment for per diem expenses will be after the fact as a reimbursement.  
  12. Receipts must be provided for any expense reimbursement of actual expenditures.