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Stage Area

The wooden stage and adjoining grass area in front of it may be reserved for weddings, memorial gatherings or individual events.  The stage measures 36' in length by 16' wide.  The right rear corner is grade accessible and other sides of the stage are between 6" to 18" above ground.  The lawn area in front of the stage can accommodate 400 to 1,000+ people easily depending on whether they were seated, standing or lounging on the ground with blankets.  The charge to rent this area can vary from $100 to $250 depending on the nature of its intended use.  Please contact the Park Office to reserve this site.  

Note: if folks are renting the Community Center Hall and their adjoping BBQ and Picnic Terrace and also want to use the stage and lawn area around it, you must reserve the Stage from the Park District and the Community Center facilities separately.  Neither entity can rent the other organizations' area.