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Election of Directors

The Carmel Valley Recreation & Park District Board of Directors is made up of five elected board members.  They are elected for four-year terms, staggered.  Two one year and three two years later in conformance with new State election requirements to hold elections in even years.   Two directors (Gray, Thatcher) have a term ending 12-31-2024 and three directors (Goodman, Stone, Boghosian) have terms ending 12-31-26.   Terms ending in 2024 would be up for election during the general election held in November 2024.    If only one candidate files for election for a particular seat on the board then the registrar of voters does not actually conduct an election and the individuals are elected by Certificate of Appointment In-Lieu of Election.   

The last election held by the Registrar of voters was in 1998.  Since that time when vacancies occurred on the board, the Board of the Park District appoints a replacement director whose selection is submitted to the County Board of Supervisors for ratification and the person is then sworn in.  There is a  cost to the district  as changed by the County Elections Department if an election is held.